DEWDROP by Margaret Rodriguez


About the Artist

Margaret Rodriguez was born in New Jersey in the fall of 1982. Margaret & her four older siblings were raised in a suburban town in Essex County. In her early days of school, her teachers noticed her potential to become an artist.  One of her greatest artistic influences, was a high school Art teacher Ms. Krulik who talked of one day wanting to have Margaret work with her.

In her last year of high school, Margaret created one of her portfolios in her Advanced Placement college art course. She & four other students from that class were the only amateur artists asked to paint for “The New York Cow Parade”. This turned out to be the highest grossing painting done by NJ artists that year & sold at auction at $19,000 for charity. Margaret  became a published artist at the age of 18 in the book “The New York Cow Parade” -December 2000.

Following graduation in 2000, Margaret attended college as an Interior Design & Visual Communications major. Margaret then moved to Florida & worked as a Public Relations Director, Model / Talent scout, Promoter, Makeup Artist for several establishments, modeling agencies, & designers. After a year, Margaret moved back to New Jersey & worked as a Makeup Artist/ Skin Care / Manager for many prestigious Cosmetics Companies in NYC & NJ.  It was during this time that Margaret met her husband Shaun & fell in love with him & his sweet little daughter.  Margaret & he were blessed with five more beautiful baby girls.

Margaret's husband & she, then moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area where they currently reside.  Margaret Rodriguez works now as a homemaker, a childcare worker & freelance artist.  Margaret credits God, her wonderful husband, her 6 beautiful girls, family, & loved ones as her  inspirations in life. 

" I am so thankful to be able to help others honor their precious memories with my artwork."

God Bless,

Margaret Rodriguez